Portage District Library
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Kalamazoo Nature Center
Beginning at 7:00 pm

On Saturday, May 10, 2014 the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society (KAS) will hold its annual award-winning Astronomy Day, a day-long celebration featuring educational displays, hands-on activities, and special presentations to bring science alive for the entire community. This FREE event, aimed at the general public, especially families with school age children, is intended to widen knowledge and appreciation of science, particularly the field of astronomy.

This year our special keynote speaker will be Michael Bakich, a life-long amateur astronomer and a Senior Editor at Astronomy magazine (the world's best-selling astronomy magazine). In honor of Mr. Bakich's visit the theme of Astronomy Day 2014 is our greatest natural resource, The Night Sky.

A starry sky has filled us with awe and wonder for centuries. The Moon goes through a stately set of monthly phases, while the planets appear to wander among the stars. Meteors shoot across the sky and northern lights dance above the horizon. Bright comets can appear at any time, while eclipses can be predicted far into the future. The night sky is predictable yet mysterious all at the same time.

We are pleased to welcome the Portage District Library as a co-sponsor. The library will host our daytime activities from 10am - 4pm. These include safe observations of the Sun, hands-on activities for children, educational displays, our Ask the Astronomer booth, and special presentations on The Night Sky by KAS members.

Evening activities will be held at the Kalamazoo Nature Center beginning at 7:00 pm. Michael Bakich will deliver the keynote presentation, followed by a night of observing. Telescopes of all shapes and sizes will be available for viewing around Owl Observatory, located on the grounds of the Kalamazoo Nature Center. The observatory, featuring the KAS 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, will also be open to the public. Highlights of the night include the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Gates open at 8:30 pm.

Below is the schedule of events to take place on May 10th. More detailed information on all of our activities can be found throughout this special website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments or questions. Thank you and see you on Astronomy Day!

DAYTIME ACTIVITIES - Portage District Library
10:00 am Solar Observing begins (weather permitting)

Ask the Astronomer booth opens

Hands-on Activities begin

Greeting Table opens

Freebie Table opens

Displays open

11:00 am Rhapsody on Lunar Observing

presented by Joe Comiskey

Learn more

1:00 pm Oddballs, Snowballs &
Other Strange Stuff to See in Space

presented by Mike Sinclair

Learn more

3:00 pm Sky Pictures: Finding the Constellations

presented by Richard Bell

Learn more

4:00 pm All Astronomy Day activities at the library end.
EVENING ACTIVITIES - Kalamazoo Nature Center
7:00 pmKeynote Presentation:

How Big is the Universe?

presented by Michael Bakich

Learn more

9:00 pm Observing Begins

See the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and much more!

(weather permitting)