KVCC Texas Township Campus
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Kalamazoo Nature Center
Beginning at 8:00 pm

On Saturday, April 29, 2017 the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society (KAS) will hold its annual award-winning Astronomy Day, a day-long celebration featuring educational displays, hands-on activities, and special presentations to bring science alive for the entire community. This FREE event, aimed at the general public, especially families with school age children, is intended to widen knowledge and appreciation of science, particularly the field of astronomy.

The theme of Astronomy Day 2017 is the Great American Solar Eclipse. On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the United States from coast to coast. It will give tens of millions of people in a 70-mile-wide, 2,500-mile-long path from Oregon to South Carolina a chance to see the spectacular solar corona, a sight hidden from view except during totality. The continental United States is the only land mass along the eclipse path. Everyone in the United States will be able to enjoy at least a 70% partial eclipse, but don’t settle for even a 99% eclipse. You want to experience a 100% total solar eclipse! It is the greatest phenomenon in nature. Occurring during the summer vacation season, this eclipse holds the potential to be seen by more people than any other event of its kind in history.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Texas Township Campus will host our daytime activities from 10am - 4pm. These include safe observations of the Sun, hands-on activities, educational displays, eclipse talks for kids by Patricia Totten Espenak and Mike Sinclair, and special presentations from world-renowned eclipse experts Dr. Tyler Nordgren, Jay Anderson, and "Mr. Eclipse" Fred Espenak.

Astronomy Day concludes with an observing session for the public at the Kalamazoo Nature Center starting at 8pm, weather permitting.

Below is the schedule of events to take place on April 29th. More detailed information on all of our activities can be found throughout this special website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments or questions. Thank you and see you on Astronomy Day!

10:00 am Solar Star Party begins (weather permitting)

Greeting Table opens

Freebie Table opens

Sales Tables opens
Purchase Eclipse Shades while supplies last! Only $3/pair.

Book Signing begins

Hands-on Activities begin:
  • Construct an Solar Eclipse Flipbook
  • Build a Eclipse Shadow Projector
  • Make a Sun Dial
Displays open:
  • Solar Eclipses
  • Meet the Telescopes
  • KAS Robotic Telescope
  • KAS Member Astrophotography
11:00 pm Special Presentation:

Sun Moon Earth
Solar Eclipses from Omens to Awe

presented by Dr. Tyler Nordgren

Learn more

KVCC's Cougar Café open for business

12:15 pmKids Eclipse Presentation:

Total Eclipse or Bust!

presented by Patricia Totten Espenak

Learn more

12:15 pmEclipse Photography Workshop:

How to Photograph the 2017 Eclipse

presented by "Mr. Eclipse" Fred Espenak

Learn more

1:00 pm Special Presentation:

Moonshadow Madness
The Lure of the Total Eclipse

presented by Jay Anderson

Learn more

2:15 pmKids Eclipse Presentation:

Be Safe! Tips for Eclipse Viewing

presented by Michael Sinclair

Learn more

3:00 pmSpecial Presentation:

Predicting & Chasing Solar Eclipses

presented by "Mr. Eclipse" Fred Espenak

Learn more

KVCC's Cougar Café closes
4:00 pm All Astronomy Day activities at KVCC end.
EVENING ACTIVITIES - Kalamazoo Nature Center
8:30 pm Observing Begins

See the Moon, Jupiter and much more!

(weather permitting)